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2005 Jin Gua Shou Blend Tuo Cha Pu-er Tea


2005 Jin Gua Shou Blend Tuo Cha Pu-er is a post-fermented dark tea from Menghai County in the Yunnan Province of China. Jin Gua translates as "Golden Melon", referring to the bowl-like shape with indentations that resemble the pattern found on a golden melon. This is a unique blend of four different grades (sizes) of Shou Pu-er leaves - Gong Ting, Te Ji, Grade1 and Grade 3. Shou Pu-er undergoes the pile fermented process, which replicates an accelerated "aging" of the leaves. After fermentation, the leaves are pressed and allowed to dry and age. The very tight pressing of this tea and the dry conditions in which it slowly aged for twelve years allowed the tea to preserve more of its original character as it developed a lovely complexity.

The leaves yield a very smooth, sweet, thick and approachable, medium-bodied infusion that is full-flavored with a mellow earthiness and nice aftertaste.

Each tuo is approximately 22g (.77 oz) and makes four 8-10 ounce cups of tea or Gong Fu tea sessions. The leaves can be infused multiple times. A Pu-er knife is strongly recommended to pry apart the tightly pressed leaves of this tuo.

  • Tea is priced by the mini tuo. 
  • Minimum purchase of 2 tuos. 

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