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2017 Yue Guang Bai with Camellia Flower White Tea Cake 200g


2017 Yue Guang Bai with Camellia Flower White Tea Cake is from Yang Ta Village in Jing Gu County in the mountainous southwestern part of Yunnan Province in China. This Yue Guang Bai, also known as Moonlight, is crafted from the local Yang Ta varietal tea plants that grow at an elevation around 5,500 feet. The leaves are harvested in spring and minimally processed, allowing them to oxidize gradually as they dry naturally to preserve the freshness of the white tea. After the leaves are dried, they are blended with camellia flowers and then pressed into this beautiful tea cake.

The beautiful, multi-colored leaves and buds yield a smooth, slightly syrupy, quenching and light-bodied infusion that is complex with fresh, grassy, floral, and sugarcane notes and a lingering sweetness.

Cake is 200g (7 oz.) and the leaves can be infused multiple times. A Pu-er knife is highly recommended to pry the leaves apart.