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Bitaco Tea Estate Breakfast Organic Colombia Black Tea


Bitaco Tea Estate Breakfast is a tippy grade organic black tea from the South American country of Colombia. Bitaco is a small organic estate that was established in the early 1960’s to produce mainly CTC tea. It is located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude above 6,000 feet and is situated next to a protected rain forest with a high level of rainfall and biodiversity. The tea plants thrive in the consistent tropical rainforest climate and mineral rich, volcanic soils. In addition to producing high quality, unique teas, the garden focuses on sustainable farming techniques and social accountability, along with  fostering community through its foundation that provides education for local children and infrastructure improvements. All of their teas are smooth and mellow with a lovely sweetness, lacking any astringency.

Perfect for a morning cup, these small leaves yield an infusion that is full-bodied, robust, and full-flavored with lingering deep, rich, fruity notes. Enjoy straight or with a splash of milk.

*Based on feedback from customers, please note that the caffeine in this tea may give you more of a boost and stay with you for longer than other teas. Many use this one as a replacement for coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, this may not be the tea for you.

  • Tea is priced and sold by the ounce. 
  • Minimum purchase of 2 ounces.