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Li Shan (Pear Mountain) Formosa Wulong Tea


Li Shan, also known as Pear Mountain, Formosa is classified as a Gao Shan or High Mountain Wulong Tea. The tea gardens on Li Shan are situated at elevations between 4,000 and 8,694 feet. Gao Shan tea plants are slow growing due to the elevation, so tea is produced in small quantities. It takes approximately 36 hours to process each batch and, as a result, these teas can be quite pricey, but worth it. This tea is grown at an elevation about 4,200 feet in Ho Ping Township in Taichung County on the island of Taiwan. It is crafted from the Qing Xin cultivar and harvested in the spring. The leaves are then tightly rolled and lightly oxidized around 20%; there is no roasting on the leaves.

The leaves unfurl to yield a smooth, fragrant, and light-bodied infusion that is full-flavored, rich and complex with sweet, floral, and stone fruit notes.

Leaves may be infused multiple times.

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