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Lu Shan Yun Wu (Cloud Mist) China Green Tea


Lu Shan Yun Wu (Cloud Mist) Green Tea is from the land-locked Jiangxi Province in southern China. It has a long agricultural tradition and is one of the ancient producers of tea. The province is surrounded by mountains in the west, east, and south. Within its borders, the southern part of the province is dominated by hills and valleys, while the northern part is mostly low-altitude plains. Many of the mountains and hills are covered with clouds and mist, yielding the rarest of all Chinese green teas - Yun Wu or Cloud Mist teas. The natural shading from the clouds creates a unique chemistry within the leaf, resulting in a tea that is high in caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. The province has a subtropical, humid climate. Our tea is from the picturesque Mount Lu region and it is one of the ten most famous teas of China that has reportedly been produced for over 1,700 years.

The leaves are delicately hand-processed with alternating pan-firing and rolling between the palms. The high elevation and uniqueness of the terroir yield an infusion that is thick, medium-bodied, rich and sweet, with umami taste and grassy aroma.

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