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Xinyang Mao Jian China Green Tea


Xinyang Mao Jian Green Tea is from the Henan Province in China, a land-locked province located to the west of Anhui Province. Tea is grown in the eastern plains and southern mountains of the province at elevations between 1,600 and 2,600 feet. Archaeological evidence indicates that tea has been produced in this province for over 2,000 years and the most sought-after tea is grown and produced in Xinyang County, located in the southernmost part of the province in the Dabie Mountains. Xinyang Mao Jian is one of the ten most famous teas of China and is rarely exported out of China. Mao jian translates as “hair tips” or “furry tips” and gets this name because of the small hairs on the bud of this early spring one-leaf-and-a-bud pluck.

The small, well-twisted, needle-like dark green leaves and silver buds unfurl to yield a robust, thick, medium-bodied infusion that has a sweet and umami taste with pine needle and vegetal aromas.

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