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Tung Ting Toasty Formosa Oolong

Tung Ting Toasty Formosa Oolong
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Tung Ting, also known as Dong Ding, is a superior quality lightly oxidized (20%-30%) amber oolong from South-central Taiwan.

This tea is grown at a high elevation of approximately 2,000 feet on Tung Ting Mountain, which means "Frozen Peak".

This is one of the finest and most famous of the Formosa oolongs and is produced from tea plants that were brought to Taiwan from the Wu Yi Mountains of Fujian Province, China in the 1850's.

Tightly rolled leaves undergo a final baking step that yield an outstanding, smooth, medium-bodied infusion with complex floral, fruity and toasty aromas and flavors.

The leaves may be infused multiple times - until they have completely unfurled and released all of their flavor.

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