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Mandarin Pu-er

Mandarin Pu-er
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Mandarin Pu-er is a creative twist on the tradition of dark tea.

Pu-er tea leaves are stuffed into a hollowed out mandarin skin to create this unique tea from the Fujian Province, China.

As the tea leaves age, they absorb some of the fresh, clean and fruity notes that remain in the skin of this citrus fruit.

Available in three varieties - black, green, and white - the infusion from each of these varieties is rounded out with the hint of citrus.

Mandarin White Pu-er is medium-bodied, smooth and balanced with soft earthy notes and the strongest citrus note of the three varieties.

Mandarin Green Pu-er is medium-bodied, smooth and balanced with grassy and citrus notes.

Mandarin Black Pu-er is full-bodied, smooth and balanced with the typical earthy, mushroomy notes and a hint of citrus.

Leaves can be infused multiple times.

Try it hot or iced.

Available as individual stuffed mandarins with varying weights or purchase a set of 3, containing one of each type, and save over 15% on the individual price. 

Mandarin Pu-er
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