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Wild-Grown Hand-Made Second Flush Georgia Green Tea


This Wild-Grown Hand-Made Second Flush Georgia Green Tea is produced from a small family business that has been crafting teas for three generations. They are located near Mtirala National Park, which is east of the city of Batumi in the southwestern part of the country of Georgia, along the Black Sea. The leaves are harvested in May from wild-grown tea plants that originated from Anhui Province, China and that were used to produced Qimen black tea. The leaves are worked following traditional Chinese processing methods.

The curly leaves yield a smooth and balanced, slightly viscous, light-bodied infusion with a soft and delicate aroma and fresh, grassy, and sweet notes.

The country of Georgia is located on the border of Europe and Asia in the region of the Caucasus Mountains on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Plants of Camellia sinensis sinensis were first planted in the western part of the country in the mid-1800’s in order to supply tea to Russia, the Empire in which it was a part at the time. Thriving commercial production began in the 1890’s, but declined after the collapse of the USSR in the 1990’s. The industry has seen a resurgence in recent years with about 17,000 acres under active production among several large gardens and lots of small-holder farmers. The area under tea cultivation is low elevation 100 to 300 feet and benefits from a subtropical climate. Low quality, high yield CTC black teas used to be the bulk of tea produced; however, tea quality has improved and most of it is high quality, hand-crafted black and green teas.

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  • Minimum purchase of 2 ounces. 

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