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Single Origin Wulong (Oolong) Tea

Wulong tea, which translates as “black dragon”, is the third most produced and consumed tea around the world accounting for less than ten percent. We offer more than forty wulong (formerly spelled oolong) teas from two continents and eight countries - the primary countries of China and Taiwan, and others including India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malawi. The leaves of wulong teas have been semi-oxidized from about ten to eighty percent during processing and this range yields an incredibly complex category of tea. Wulong teas are very labor-intensive and there are no overall typical characteristics within this category. Instead, aromatic profile, color of the dry leaf and infusion, body of the infusion, and boldness of taste will greatly be influenced by the oxidation level and other processing steps, including the repetition of the rolling/shaping step and an optional baking or roasting step. Generally, lightly oxidized wulongs tend to be milder with grassy, buttery and/or floral notes, while higher oxidized wulongs tend to be stronger with woody, honey and/or fruity notes. Wulongs receiving a roasting step may have toasty, roasted, caramel, or burnt sugar notes.

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