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2002 Wild Tree Liu Bao China Dark Tea


2002 Wild Tree Liu Bao is a post-fermented dark tea from the town of Liu Bao in Wuzhan County in the Guangxi Province of China. Located at an elevation about 800 feet in the eastern part of the province near the border with Guangdong Province, the wild-growing trees of Camellia sinensis sinensis benefit from a humid, sub-tropical climate. After harvest, heat is applied to the leaves to halt any oxidation. They are then rolled, dried and pile fermented. During the pile fermented process, dry leaves are piled, moisture is added, the leaves are covered and allowed to ferment. After fermentation, the leaves are sorted, blended, steamed, and pressed into bamboo baskets for aging.

The leaves yield a smooth, sweet, and clean medium-bodied infusion with mineral and sweet notes of beets, beet greens, and earth.

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