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2016 Sticky Rice Sheng Pu-er Tea


Sticky Rice Sheng Pu-er is a post-fermented dark tea from Duoyi Village on Nannuo Mountain in Menghai County in the Yunnan Province of China. Twenty year old wild-growing trees thrive in the temperate climate on the south side of the mountain located at an elevation approximately 5,900 feet. The leaves of this young Pu-er were hand-harvested in 2016, dried in the sun, fired and then underwent a natural fermentation and aging process. Finally, the Pu-er leaves were blended with leaves from the nuo mi xiang herb, meaning "sticky rice fragrance".

The large leaves yield a sweet and clean, light- to medium-bodied infusion with earthy and vegetal notes and the distinct and lovely aroma of sticky rice.

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