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2018 Gong Mei White Tea Cake 100g


 2018 Gong Mei White Tea Cake is from the famous white-producing region of Fuding in the Fujian Province in China. This tea, which is crafted from the Fuding Da Hao cultivar, is processed the same as Bai Mu Dan. Gong Mei is, however, a lower grade than Bai Mu Dan with a fewer bud-to-leaf ratio. It consists of a pluck that includes the bud and goes down to the second or third leaf and/or it contains a few more broken leaves. The leaves were harvested in the spring of 2018, dried thoroughly and aged in dry storage condition, and then pressed into this tea cake during the summer of 2019.

The leaves and buds yield a smooth, viscous and light- to medium-bodied infusion that is fresh, grassy, and sweet.

Cake is 100g (3.5 oz.) and the leaves can be infused multiple times. A Pu-er knife is highly recommended to pry the leaves apart.