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Wild-Grown Anhui China Green Tea


Wild-Grown Anhui Green Tea is from Anhui, a land-locked province in eastern China. Temperate plains in the northern part of the province yield to the Dabie Mountains in the southwest and the famous Huang Shan Mountains in the southeast. Teas grown on the mountainsides may receive natural shading from the abundant clouds and mist. Anhui is predominantly a producer of green teas, but is also known for its black teas from Qimen County. While it is not a major producer in quantity of tea - it produces only about 6 percent of China’s teas - it is among the top producers of consistently high quality teas.

One of the ten most famous teas of China is this Huang Shan Mao Feng, but the bud and first leaf of this particular unique tea is harvested from wild-grown tea trees in the mountainous region. Beautiful, delicately rolled leaves unfurl to yield a very smooth, mild and light-bodied first infusion that is aromatic, fresh and sweet with notes of grass and asparagus. The second infusion is medium-bodied, smooth, and flavorful with bolder flavors than the first.

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