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Bukit Sari OP Java Organic Black Tea


Bukit Sari Estate OP is an award-winning whole leaf organic black tea from the Indonesian island of Java. The garden was founded in 1920 during Dutch colonization under the name “Citamboer” or "Tjitamboer" in Dutch, which derives from the sound of water dripping from the waterfall that is located on the estate. The garden is located at elevations just above 3,300 feet in the Pasir Kuda District in West Java Province surrounded by dense forest. They obtained organic certification in 2007 and cultivate their plants following biodynamic agricultural principles. This tea is produced from mostly Camellia sinensis assamica leaves, along with leaves of a few hybrid plants.

The open leaf style infuses to yield a very smooth, balanced, medium- to full-bodied infusion with very little tannin. It imbues woody and malty aromas and a sweet flavor of fruit and spice notes rounded out with a hint of chocolate.

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