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Da Hong Pao Wu Yi China Wulong Tea


Da Hong Pao, also known as Big Red Robe, is one of the ten most famous teas of China. It is the most famous and widely produced of the Yan Cha (Rock or Cliff) wulong teas from the Wu Yi Mountain Region in the Fujian Province of China. Rock Teas benefit from the rocky soil that imparts a distinctive minerality. Historically, small amounts of this tea was processed from wild-harvested leaves and commercial production of Da Hong Pao began only about 60 years ago using cuttings of the original tea plants. Contrary to popular belief, there is no Da Hong Pao cultivar; instead, this wulong is produced from either the Bei Dou or Qi Dan cultivars or a blend of these and/or other cultivars in order to produce a tea with the distinctive, classic “rock” taste representative of this region. This blend of leaves from different cultivars are mid-oxidized around 40-60% and then highly roasted.

The leaves yield a smooth and flavorful, medium-bodied infusion with deep, earthy, mineral, mild toasty, and stone fruit notes.

Leaves may be infused multiple times.

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