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Jeju Organic South Korea Black Tea


Jeju Organic Black is produced on Jeju Island, which is the southernmost part of South Korea. The garden is located at an elevation of about 500 feet and the plants benefit from a rich, volcanic soil and a subtropical climate. These leaves were harvested in the early morning hours in the beginning of May and carefully crafted into this rare and special treat.

The twisted leaves unfurl to yield an aromatic, smooth, sweet and rich, medium-bodied infusion with savory and slightly spicy notes.

Korea’s tea history spans over 2,000 years and it was one of tea’s earliest countries of origin. Tea culture began to wane in the 1300’s, only to resurge in the 1960’s. Tea is only grown in the southern part of the mainland, in the Boseong and Hadong regions, and on Jeju Island. South Korea primarily produces green tea, known as nok cha, but very small amounts of black, wulong, and dark teas are also crafted. The most expensive teas are  completely hand-crafted. Limited quantities of tea are exported.

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