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Lakyrsiew Estate India Black Tea


Lakyrsiew Estate is located in the southern part of the state of Meghalaya in the northeastern part of India. This region is situated just south of the larger and more well-known tea-producing region of Assam. It is a mountainous area with scenic valleys and mountain plateaus and the climate is variable, depending on the landscape. It does have the distinction of being able to claim that the “wettest place on earth” resides within its borders. Lakyrsiew is situated on the banks of Umiam lake in the Khasi Hills at an elevation of approximately 3,700 feet. It was established in 2000 using locally-grown tea plants that were planted and then abandoned 170 years ago by the East India Company. This award-winning, small-batch garden produces about 4,000 pounds of tea each year. Heavy rains bathe the plants during the monsoon season and lake mist protects them during the dry season.

This second flush micro lot is hand-crafted from AV2 cultivar tea plants that were planted in 2005. The leaves yield an aromatic, rich and complex, medium-bodied infusion with fresh herb, hay, fruity, and sweet notes and an essence of floral and spice.

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