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Makinohara Estate Fukamushi Sencha Japanese Green Tea


Makinohara Estate Fukamushi Sencha is a green tea that is produced on the Pacific coast in the low-lying area of the city of Makinohara in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan. This estate is the largest tea plantation in Asia and it produces about 30% of the tea in Shizuoka. The region benefits from a humid, temperate, marine climate and is ideal for growing tea. Japan produces mostly green tea and 80% of the tea produced is sencha, a sun-grown and steamed green tea. This tea is different from our other sencha in that fukamushi means "deeply steamed". These leaves have been steamed twice as long as the regular Sencha yielding a more broken finished product.

The broken leaves yield a medium-bodied, viscous infusion with the typical sweet, vegetal, and briny aromas and taste of a standard Sencha, but is richer and sweeter.

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