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Matcha Japanese Green Tea - Loose Powder


Matcha is a shade-grown green tea whose leaves have been finely ground into a powder. Our matcha is manufactured from the same leaf material as our Gyokuro, which is produced in the low-lying region around Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture and located just to the west of Shizuoka. This ancient tea-growing region benefits from a humid, temperate, marine climate and is ideal for growing tea. Tea plants are shaded with canvas or bamboo mats 20 days prior to hand-harvesting the leaves. The shading changes the chemistry of the leaves - polyphenols decrease and caffeine, chlorophyll, and amino acids increase - resulting in a smooth infusion that is sweeter than sun-grown teas with a richness and notable umami character.

Matcha is classified as a whipped tea and is the type of tea that was popularly consumed 1,000 years ago. The leaves are held in suspension in the water and are completely consumed. This style of tea remains today as it is the tea that is prepared in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known an Chanoyu.

We offer Matcha in two different grades - ceremonial and cooking.

We also offer organic matcha, in vacuum-sealed tins.

  • Ceremonial - naturally sweet with a full mouth-feel and rich, vegetal and umami tastes; traditionally prepare in a matcha bowl with a bamboo whisk.  $27.60 loose powder per oz.
  • Cooking - similar to Ceremonial Grade, but specially blended for culinary applications (cakes, ice cream, smoothies, etc.). This grade is too strong for traditional use.   $10 loose powder per oz.
  • Tea is priced and sold by the ounce.