Quantity discounts available on select teas (same tea in one pouch): 5% off on 4 oz. or more - 10% off on 8 oz. or more

Paper Tea Filters


Easily create your own tea bags with these paper tea filter bags. 

Disposable unbleached, biodegradable paper filters have an easy-fill flap.

Loose leaf teas require room to expand in order to extract out the full flavor. Select the size based on the size of the mug or teapot and the size of your leaves. Some teas are "fluffier" than others; may need to go up a size for those teas that are fluffy or rolled.

Available in four sizes:

  • Extra Slim for use in cups and mugs
  • Slim for use in large mugs
  • Large for use in small teapots
  • Extra Large for use in large teapots or pitchers

Extra Slim, Slim, and Large contain 100 filters per box.

Extra Large contains 60 filters per box.

Great for use in the home or on-the-go.

Can also be used to hold spices when making other hot beverages, soups, stews, etc.