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2012 Tian Jian Xiang Jian Hunan Dark Tea


2012 Tian Jian Xiang Jian is a dark tea (hei cha) from Anhua County in the Hunan Province of China. Harvested in 2012, the leaves underwent a series of steps to craft this wonderful tea. These steps include heating to stop any oxidation, rolling, pile-fermenting, rolling again, and drying. After drying, the leaves are loosely packed into bamboo baskets and allowed to age. There are three grades of Xiang Jian Hei Cha: Tian Jian (Heaven Tips) is the highest grade (smallest leaf), Gong Jian (Tribute Tips) is the grade below Tian Jian with a slightly larger leaf, and Sheng Jian (Raw Tips) is the grade below Gong Jian with an even larger leaf.

The leaves yield a very smooth, clean and mellow, medium-bodied infusion that has a rich, but mellow taste with sweet, savory, woody and hay notes.

  • Tea is priced and sold by the ounce. 
  • Minimum purchase of 2 ounces. 

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