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Single Origin Black Tea

Black tea is the most produced and consumed tea around the world, accounting for nearly eighty percent. We offer black teas from four continents and fifteen countries. The primary black tea producing countries are China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, and Uganda. Other producers of black tea include Japan, Malawi, Nepal, Taiwan, Tanzania, Vietnam, Australia and the Americas. What classifies a tea as black is that its leaves have been fully oxidized during processing. Oxidation of the leaves, or lack thereof, is a main factor that influences the primary characteristics of the tea, which include color of the dry leaf and infusion, body of the infusion, and boldness of taste. The typical characteristics in a black tea tend to be dark color, full body, and bold taste; however, you will notice that there is quite a range in these characteristics, along with aroma and taste in the close to 60 origin black teas that we have available.